Growed up

When I I'm all growed up I want to be...something.
I have given it much thought. I don't want to be a nurse because I have changed more adult diapers than then average bear already. Not gonna do that again. I thought maybe..PA, but every since ER and HIV Jeannie, it's become somewhat of a fad...It might be fun to be a doctor but then I think about gross anatomy and it's like, GROSS for a reason. Ick. I have trouble handling a dead fish. I have little doubt I would have considerably more trouble with a cadaver. WIth my luck I would get one fo my elementary school teachers. Igg. I thought for a while, I could be an engineer, but I suspect I would get very bored with that VERY quickly. My mom had suggested being and IT person but again...B.O.R.I.N.G!!!! That handly seems worth the 2 weeks of school to get the "certificate". Maybe I could be a...whatever it is you get to be with a degree in physics. That would be fun, however interesting it might be though, I suspect it too would loose interest for me. But then I started thinking, something interesting, imperfect, that I can relate to. Psychology. More specifically, the deviant mind. There are no depths to the deviants in this world, myself among them. And minor in world religions. So I could be all like Fox Mulder with the profiles and the ritual mutilations. Yeah baby. Messy mucky fun.


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