Okay, so I just started looking and I am horrified. I definately understand why so many families are considered to be at "poverty " level, even when the parents work.

The "cost of living" is supposed to be less here, but it's a crock. Property prices are skyrocketing out of control and all the counties want to raise taxes and utility companies provide substandard services and are riasing their rates too. MOvies are about a buck less. Big deal. That's about the whole of it. Food costs the same. Clothing costs the same. I simply don't understand.

I have to assume that big business makes big bucks operating out of a place like here because it's acceptible to pay minimum wage. Not only acceptible, but expected.

I thought I would call a couple agencies, see if they could give me a grip on the current job market and maybe slip into a good place through them, only to be horrified when they tell me the jobs that come through them are for less than HALF of what I was making 4 years ago. Eew.

And the resume is getting fat. I should get a job and only do one thing so that when I add it it doesn't make yet another page. Cause eventually it becomes too much. One would think that a long resume would be a sign of job instability, but you're allowed to skip around when you spend a period doing temp work as a way to broaden your horizions, right?
And I have to wonder why people say, "You've not worked for almost a year, why is that?"

What's the correct answer? The truth? "I moved twice and wanted to be settled first?" Cause the response to that tends to be like, "yeah, right". Like they think I was incarcerated for pulling a disgruntled postal worker bit at my last place of employment with a water pistol filled with Listerine. Or I was in lala land strapped to a gurney in a padded room singing nursery rhymes in between alternately screaming "I can fly" and "I love you Daddy Warbucks". Or I was running numbers for some dude named Vinnie that I met in a seedy bart, but he got sent up the river so I decided to go legit.

Not to say that's really stopped me. Out of the 15 or so inquiries I have made, I have had about 8 calls and I have interviews for like 5 jobs. That's a good thing. I could have more in a blink if I was willing to settle for FL pay, but that ain't happening. I am way too obsessive when it comes to my job, I deserve to get paid for being so. I tried explaining that, why I wouldn't work for less. It's kinda cocky sounding, in retrospect, but screw it.

Should I not have put my blog address on the resume?

Anyway, it's not like I am going mad looking for a career. Just a job. I have yet to be able to decide what I want to be when I grow up. No, that's not actually true. But I haven't figured out yet how to just BECOME a princess.


Blogger Scatterbrandy said...

Perhaps I have been lucky...an offer this way comes. If I can't be a princess, I can do it for sure.

4:58 PM  
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