What ever happened to it? Used to be that a person would take pride in the job he (or she) did. Worked hard, did the best they could. But now, now it seems like no one gives a rat's furry a@@. These days, the pool guy comes, wipes one leaf out of the muck one might call a swimming pool, and say, okay, job is done, give me three hundred bucks. Or a roofer who fixes your roof, and swears the water pouring in whne it rains isn't his fault, or my personal favorite, the dentist who fills a tooth only to have it fall out the next day but still bills you for the visit and repair. It's everywhere, and for those honest few left out there, sorry, but you just done't brown-nose as well as the slackers, so you're being downsized.

So in a world like this how do you teach a kid that while everyone else is going to put in a half a@@ed job, and in fact, you expect it, they had better not or no TiVo? NO wonder our kids hate us these days.


Blogger Abulsme said...

I think the only way is a by example sort of thing, and no tolerance for less. But sometimes that is hard. Especially when one is tired.

8:14 AM  
Blogger Scatterbrandy said...

Admittedly, no one is perfect. But that's what quality control is all about. In the professional world at least there should always be that fail safe in place, not some fool spewing about how while someone may have done it wrong the first time it should be okay because...I'm just tired of excuses, there is no excuse for them. And in a situation where the work is inspected followingin completion, there is no room for mistakes at all. that just shows blatant disregard for the consumer.

And for our kids, I thought the idea was to have them strive to be better than us. Always, one step better than what you are. One step smarter. One step MORE (as long as it's something good, that is). We are supposed to be outshone by our children. It's necessary if we as a species are to survive. SOmeone has to fix the crap we've screwed up, and that those before us have decimated.

9:15 AM  

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