Ive League

When Amy grows up she wants to go to Yale because that's where Rory Gilmore goes.

Waiting for the appearance of well-to-do grandparents to fund it.



Blogger Abulsme said...

Schools like that have strong needs-based financial aid packages. Basically, if you manage to get into a top tier school... not just the Ivy's, but one level below that too, then if you manage to get in, that means they WANT you, and they will work with you to put together an aid package of grants, loans, etc, whatever it takes to make it so you can afford it. Now, the mix between grants and loans depends on just how much they want you, but they will construct a package that can work. (At least most of the time... and the better a school you get into, the better the packages can be.)

So... while yes, we have a lot of savings we have to do in the next 9 years, the main trick is just making sure the academics are absolutely top notch, the extra-curricular activities are strong, etc...

Getting in is the tough part. Once you are in, there are ways to deal with the funding.

9:13 AM  
Blogger Scatterbrandy said...

That means there is not much time at all. We need to get started. Volunteering, more instruments maybe, anything to differentiate her from every other Gilmore Girl wannabe. :-)

Maybe she will change her mind and decide that she is going to skip college and be a rock star.

I have been trying to impress upon her the importance of focusing her energies. NOt that she had to have just one or two interests, but whenever she works on one thing, she should try to make that one thing and learning it or improving on her understanding/handling of it all that is in her mind. Granted, she's like me and can do 6 things at once, but I Think if she were to focus just 5% of the time amazing things would happen.

I don't think I am really starting on the college path idea too early because granted, she is living in the confusing haze of puberty right now, but still, high school is only 4 years away, and then there is no room for mediocre. Everything must alredy be in place, right?

I always assumed as well that she would need a full scholorship to go to a decent school, which means that just being on the regular honor roll isn't enough, right? And she's got the 2 instruments..maybe adding one more would ugive her a bit more flavor? What else? In 6 months she will be old enough to volunteer with the cat people at PetSmart...We should try to instill in her some of that drive that Cynthia has that makes her such an amazing academic success (talk about an excellent canidate for a roll model, that girl is gold). Ooh...maybe se can be a sports star...we had better get really good health insurance for that though,. sh'e's got my sense of balance.

10:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sam's totally right about the financial aid stuff. All those Ivy League schools have tons of money to give to students because they have so many rich alumni donating money. And its all very well invested. I used to work with a girl who graduated from Harvard and she said she hardly paid anything for school--and either did any of her classmates. I wish I would've known that when I was applying. Amy should aim high!


6:01 PM  
Blogger Scatterbrandy said...

I overheard Amy talking to her little friend Reba the other day, Reba was saying that when she grows up she wants to be a doctor. For kids. A kid doctor. I said, "you would make a great pediatritian." She is such a sweet, kind, and paitent child.

Amy piped in, "When I grow up, I want to be a cashier at the supermarket, or maybe a bagger"

Reba just looked at her, with her jaw resting gently on the floor.

Yale, here we come.

12:58 PM  
Blogger Abulsme said...

She REALLY likes using the scanner thingies at the checkout!

1:24 PM  
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