Oh, and another thing:

Leave Terri and her husband be. It is not a subject to be discussed across the dinner tables of Americans all across the country. It is not a subject for television specials. It is something that should never have garnered as much attention as it has because it's no one's business but that of those directly involved. Those of you who think otherwise, perhaps you will change your minds when people call you a murderer on national TV for putting your ancient, incontinent, projectile vomiting, toothless cat to sleep. When there are nationwide vigils held to "Save Fluffy". When reporters call you at all hours of the day and night and animal activist strangers hurl bricks at your windows.

Take a moment to examine your own life and focus on change from within. Cultivate true values and stick to them all the time, not only when it suits you...lest ye be judged.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its good for no other reason then people now realize they need to write a living will!

6:03 PM  
Blogger Scatterbrandy said...

Perhaps, but really when it comes down to it, it has to be epected that your loved ones will know you well enough to know what you would want, and to follow through with your wishes. My point is that is should never become a legal matter. Married people are responsible for their spouses, parents for their unmarried children, and in leiu of those situations, whoever the next of kin is determined to be. NO questions, no litigation.

Granted, in a very few special situations, I am sure there are the crooked kin who would push to pull the plug on uncle Ray cause they want the inheritance. Now. But those cases are few and far in between.

Human beings as a whole are greedy, selfish creatures, but somehow, when faced with imminent demise, seem to take a turn for the better (even if it's just about being haunted by the deceased). I still think people as a whole are evil...that won't change, but they are a superstitous bunch as well.

12:40 PM  

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