I have come to a decision.

Sam abhorrs disarray...which is funny...especially to anyone who knows him well.

Anyway, as a chick, I tend to multitask. Men pretend they understand but they don't entirely get it because multitasking isn't just about doing your work while thinking about sex. Since we have moved into the new place, I have been working on several mid-sized projects like painting the kitchen red and recaulking all the seals and touching up all the moulding in the house and painting all the closets, refinishing the bedroom furniture, painting the bookshelves, and so on. They are all multi-day jobs. And all of them take time to set, dry whatever. Obviously I am not going to take down all the moulding, and I can not very well paint the kitchen anywhere other than the kitchen, so those ongoing projects kind of have to be out here in the open, not complete yet but creeping towards being such, and Sam, you will just haveto learn to deal with that. So I have made a rule. Sam of course has free reign of he house with the following exception: My office. That is where all teh movable projects are worked on, and can stay until they are done. They don't have to be completed in one day. I don't have to put everything away each time I leave the room. It is my personal space and Sam, you may not obsess over it. (Unless you suspect that I am building a bomb or something late at night in which case you can go in and look at it, but I wouldn't recommend touching anything, particularly that big red button...but be honest, if I were would you really want to know? )

Uh huh.

Anyway. Point is thus:

I will post my progress on different projects here, so that I have somthing to post at all given the fact that I have absolutely no idea at all what else to yammer about.


Blogger Abulsme said...

Do not fear. I will never enter that office without an express invitation!

And we're doing OK on the rest of the house. Still some disorder from the whole moving thing, which is still a work in progress, but overall doing pretty good. Hopefully we'll be able to digest all the stuff from the other house over the next few weeks.

8:03 AM  
Blogger Scatterbrandy said...

I try - although I have to wonder...when people pass by and see me in sweats and an old t shirt with a bandanna on my head and a broom in my hand through the lovely beveled glass of the front door, do they think I am the maid and pity the homeowner for not having a cute one he can dress up in little black dresses and frilly aprons?

9:15 AM  

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