Happy Belated X-Mas

We survived the day! What were the odds?

Unbelievably the kid slept until almost noon. That was a gift in itself. And everything excited her. A gracious recipient of gifts she is, especially for a nine year old. And while I truly believe it is better to give than receive, I must say, I made out like a bandit as well. :-) One of her gifts to me was a beautifuly rendered version of Jingle Bells on the double bass with her new bright purple bow.

I think I have Sam pretty well figured out. The new GPS was unrealistic, so it will have to wait, but I did manage to give him a couple things to graph. Graphs make Sam happy, and I like it when Sam is happy.

Santa came in full force, Amy must have been a good girl this year - if not I can't even imagine what he would have left if she was even BETTER - a car perhaps?

I kind of like to be a spectator. I don't expect much. I get a real kick out of watching their reactions when they open their presents. I like that split second when the guard is down and you can see what they really think. Of course, I kind of suck at actually READING those reactions, but hey, nobody's perfect. One can only be so brilliant and talented. Even I have my limits.

But Sam absolutely FLOORS me. He often seems unsure as to what I might like, and then showers me with perfect presents...or maybe I am just easy to please...


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