I am watching a show on the "Dropas" about a spaceship crash in China 12000 years ago. They say that in the early half of last century an explorer found a cave fillled with many strangely shaped buried bones and a seried of thin stone disks, now called the "Dropa Stones" Apparently some time later someone managed to "translate" some of the spiral heiroglyphs on the stones and found the name. Theory is that they are the remnants of an ancient alien civilization who had the misfortune of wrecking here.

Because of a couple of my TiVo wishlists, I tend to pick up stuff like this - and always there are these dorky looking lispy guys drooling in their excitement of being taken (somewhat) seriously, rambling on about the world conspiracies and trying to convince everyone that the stories are indeed true, there are aliens among us and above us WATCHING us and some people just don't want to you know. Beware!!!!

To this I must say, please stop your inane ramblings, because as long as you've got every nutter in the world looking up my people will not be coming back for me.

Thank you.


Blogger Abulsme said...

They can't have you back unless they take me too!

3:44 PM  
Blogger Scatterbrandy said...

Oh my poor, poor people....


3:54 PM  

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